Do you plan to visit the three Gili Islands? If you plan to have vacation in May, September, December and January, immediately prepared it well. Moreover, in the holiday season as there are a lot of tourists arriving on the Gili Island. One of the most important preparations is the lodging. If you do not book a room quickly, you could not get a place for rest. How much is Gili Island budget hotel there? Do not imagine that the hotel available there just suitable for foreign tourists pockets.

gili-nangguGili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno is like a private island. You even feel the tranquility when visiting in the regular season (non-holiday). Views of the bright blue sea and sky will accompany your holiday while there. You can do snorkeling, down the beach and saw turtles released into the sea. Gili does still have a good natural awake. So once the dive, you can see turtles swimming in the sea. This luxury vacation does not require a large Gili Island budget hotel.

Gili Air Hostel is the best place for you to stay. By combining traditional and modern concept, the building is designed so beautifully. Located on the Gili Air Island, this place is not included in the list of the expensive Gili Island budget hotel. The rate to stay for one night is $ 11. Compare with several hotels in Gili Trawangan. The price offered is dominated by the $ 45 and the expensive one could be $ 125.

You do not need to worry about the facilities provided by Gili Air Hostel because you will get quality sleep. It is just that you need to prepare large amounts of cash when visiting the Gili Island. There only one ATM machine located on the island of Gili Air. What are you waiting for? Immediately book a place in Gili Air Hostel with small Gili Island budget hotel that you have ever found.