Are you ready to visit Gili Island? A series of three islands near Lombok Island has always been a favorite tourist destination. The atmosphere is calm, peaceful with beautiful natural treats unable denied anyone visiting the island. Gili offers exotic trips that you rarely encountered surrounding your life. Although there are many foreign tourists there, it does not affect to the price of lodging accommodation and meal costs. You can still find a wide selection of cheapest Gili budget hotel. But it also means that you will break away from the crowd.

NTA2Most lodgings in affordable prices is located far away from the center of city. Although you are still in the island. Gili Air Hostel gives the best Gili budget hotel for its tourist. But you do not think will get ugly room with a bed in the atmosphere dull darkness. Dispose of the shadow of horror immediately, because Gili Air Hostel is designed affordable, but it does not mean ‘low quality’. The quality is almost can be said of other places that are more expensive.

Gili Air Hostel give different prices for the holiday season and times of regular non-holiday. Gili budget hotel that it provides are as follows:

  1. The holiday season

It is between the months of May through September and mid December to January. Rates offered are around $ 13 for a room with a lot of people (like dormitory or boarding house) and for private room pegged at $ 35.

  1. The regular season (non- holiday)

While at usual, room tariff offered is $ 11 for the dorm and $ 30 for private room.

Its Gili budget hotel is a little different from other lodgings. With cheap prices, you get high quality rest. You vacation do not interfere with the lodgings problem usually swells in the pockets of the tourists. Make sure you get information as possible before it gets bad. You can see the location of Gili Air hostel by browsing on the internet.