Gili Island has become a tourist legend for a long time. Not only Indonesian citizens who visit the place. In fact you will be surprised to find a lot of foreign tourists passing by on the streets of the Gili Island. Three series of Gili indeed save the natural beauty that is so tempting. But do not expect there are so many vehicles there. For local custom prohibits motorcycles and cars entering Gili. For lodging, there is a cheap hotel Gili Island there.

gili-sudak-lombok-island11Located in Gili Air, the cheap hotel Gili Island named Gili Air Hostel. Joglo combined with modern concepts will accompany you during a break. There are so many activities you can do in Gili Air. Snorkeling, diving, sun bathing or just walking down the beach will make you always want to be in Gili. Gili Air is the right place for you to make a family recreation. You will often see a native of the Muslim-majority. Thus, for you who are Muslim does not have to worry about the available food.

In the morning, you can sail to Gili Trawangan or go to Gili Meno. Both islands have a high distinction. Gili Trawangan is a tourist spot for holding a party at night. So the atmosphere is more crowded than the two other Gili. While, Gili Meno is located in the middle of Gilis. For those who crave peace of the holiday, then Gili Meno is the right one. However, not many people visit Gili Meno. Therefore, do not expect much you find cheap hotel Gili Island in Meno.

The average cost for an overnight stay is $ 35 to $ 45 where includes the regular price for getting standard room. Different things you would have encountered in Gili Air Hostel which is the cheap hotels Gili Island. The price offered starting from $ 11 per night. The same sea views are there. Gili Air Hostel offers the best resting place for your holiday.