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Cookie 2Gili Air is closest to Lombok and be a good place for family recreation. You will find many native citizens and chatting with them. Spend an afternoon with shared experiences. In all the Gili Islands, you will not find a motor vehicle passing by. That is why the three Islands has always been a favorite destination for tourists who want to find tranquility. On this island you will also encounter the cheap Gili Island hotel, namely Gili Air Hostel. Activities to do here is to walk down the beach and enjoy the natural beauty.

The second island is Gili Meno. The same activities you can do here. But there is one interesting place that must be visited Bird Park There are so many collections of winged animals here that you can enjoy the booms There is also a turtle breeding that sometime will be released into the sea. You can participate to watch hundreds of young turtles (hatchlings) swim into the ocean. Unfortunately, you do not get cheap Gili Island hotel here. Even the meal cost is more expensive than the two other Gili.

The third island Gili Trawangan that is far from of Lombok. You will meet a lot of foreign tourists there. Various nationalities present on the island. The nightlife is more crowded than Gili Air and Gili Meno. Almost every night the party is held on the island. Facilities that is available there mostly international. So you are quite difficult to find the cheap Gili Island hotel there.